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Need quality eye care services? Looking for an emergency physician? From eye surgery to eye examinations, we do it all. Call us in Prescott AZ at 928-445-1341 or in Prescott Valley AZ at 928-775-4066.

Insurance & Billing

Rummel Eye Care, PC. and its physicians are authorized “Participating Providers” designated to serve patients covered by MEDICARE. As a convenience to patients, our office processes all insurance claims. We also provide care as “Preferred Providers” for several health coverage plans. Most ophthalmologists receive similar fees because of the influence of government and insurance companies upon health care. In an effort to set ourselves apart, we remain committed to providing excellent, personal care to every patient.

Our usual policy calls for payment at the time of service. We understand, however, that everyone’s financial situation is different. If necessary, a confidential payment plan may be arranged. You may contact our insurance department directly by calling 928-445-8007 during regular working hours or you can send us an email to:

Specialized Medical Services

Special tests are sometimes necessary to assist the doctors in making an accurate diagnosis and in prescribing the proper treatments. Our centers are equipped with the latest instruments. As a service to our patients, we invite a number of sub-specialists to our office on a regular basis.


Significant advancements have occurred in eye treatment and surgery in recent years as a result of successful scientific research. Rummel Eye Care has worked on various ocular research projects. In conjunction with the Medical College of Pennsylvania and Drexel University in Philadelphia, the physicians are involved in research to determine the cause and potential treatments for macular degeneration.

Procedures performed at our out-patient facility include small-incision cataract surgery, retinal repairs, glaucoma surgery and the latest corneal transplants. Other surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia may be performed at the Prescott Out-patient Surgical Center or at Yavapai Regional Medical Center.

Surgery Services

At Rummel Eye Care, we provide eye surgery services and are one of the finest out-patient facilities in Northern Arizona. We are dedicated to the treatment of disease, disorders, and injuries of the eye. Our facility has met stringent standards to become licensed by the State of Arizona and certified by the federal government for Medicare service. The operating room is equipped with state-of-the-art technology instruments and computer-assisted systems for ultrasonic microsurgery. Our facility is known for the personal care given by the staff, and for its friendly atmosphere.

Laser Surgery

Treatment with lasers is among the most significant advancements in eye care in the past several years. Rummel Eye Care uses these instruments to clear clouded membranes following cataract surgery if needed and to treat glaucoma and some forms of retinal problems.

New Equipment

i.Profiler plus

The i.Profiler plus® combines an auto-refractor, Shack-Hartmann wavefront aberrometer and Atlas 9000 corneal topography in one device. It automatically measures both eyes in just under a minute and it includes a link to innovative i.Scription® technology – delivering a more accurate prescription.


After an examination by the doctor and the i.Profiler plus® we can use the data to prescribe i.Scription® lenses. These use the wavefront aberrometry data generated from the i.Profiler plus® combined with the binocular aspects of vision from the Subjective Refraction to calculate an ultra-precise prescription.

Patient Benefits

By optimizing the lens for the eye’s total wavefront aberrations, including both the “low-order” and “high-order” aberrations, i.Scription® can significantly enhance overall visual performance including visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and depth perception, particularly at night and in low-light viewing conditions.


Early clinical results from European field trials indicate three areas of enhanced visual performance with i.Scription® lenses including:

  • 74% of i.Scription® wearers confirmed better vision at night and in low contrast situations.
  • 4 out of 5 of i.Scription® wearers surveyed stated that they enjoyed greater visual comfort.
  • More than 3 out of 5 of i.Scription® wearers surveyed saw colors more intensively.

Additional results from a field trial conducted with 416 customers in Belgium/Netherlands showed:

  • 70% of the surveyed wearers experienced crisper, sharper vision with i.Scription®.
new eye care equipment

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